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Ancient Astrology

Philosophy, Cosmology and Magic

Core Astrological Magic
Foundation Course

12 – Online Weekly Sessions (3 Hours)

Next Course Begins
September 22nd, 2024

This is a renewed and elaborated version of the original foundation course, featuring a unique collaboration with scholar and translator Dr. Dan Attrell, and professional metalsmith and talisman creator David Weitzman. The course is facilitated with the invaluable assistance of Astrologer-magician J.D Kelley.

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About the Course



This course is a culmination of more then two decades of research into the origins of Astrology and Magic. It is a reconstruction of essential core practices, their underlying cosmological foundations and their physical and metaphysical principles. The concepts and techniques taught in this course aim to bridge the world of the intellect with the world of experience, and lead the student through the astro-magical processes, both in the astrological skill of election, and in the application of magical actions and creations. The experiential elements are complemented with ancient Theurgic and Shamanic perspectives and internal practices, reaching beyond the borders of the western world.
Guided by this powerful wisdom distilled from ancient sources and decades of experience, this course aspires to rekindle the primordial roots of our astral nature, to re-align and commune with the living cosmos.

Aims of the Course: 

Course Structure

The course will take place over 12 – live zoom sessions, 3 hours in length (with breaks), including a Q&A and discussion at the end.  

Part 1 – The Core of Magic
Part 2 – History & Mystery – with Dan Attrell
Part 3 – Astral Theurgy, Sky-walking and the Talismanic Tradition
Part 4 – Ancient Philosophy & Cosmology  
Part 5 – Practical Theory + Deciphering the Picatrix – with Dan Attrell
Part 6 – Working with the Astral Fire 
Part 7 – Crafting Tools and Correspondences – with David Weitzman
Part 8 – Magical Elections part 1 
Part 9 – Magical Elections part 2 
Part 10 – Ritual Procedures  
Part 11 – Talisman Creation 
Part 12 – Integration

The course will commence on:
Sunday September 22th, 2024 at 12:30 EST, and continue on subsequent Sundays.
Meetings are on Zoom – a link will be sent out after registration closes.

*All the live sessions will be recorded and sent out to students afterwards.

* This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The course requires a basic knowledge of astrology, with some knowledge of traditional concepts being ideal. No prior knowledge of astrological magic is needed.

About Michael Ofek

Michael Ofek is a professional astrologer, cosmologist, astral magician, and shamanic practitioner from Israel. He has been practicing astrology and magic for more than two decades, avidly researching all branches of the ancient tradition, with an emphasis on Hellenistic astrology and its connection with Greco-Egyptian cosmology, philosophy, theurgy, and magic. His passion lies in unveiling and reconstructing the roots of the tradition, and the practical refiguring of these ancient arts. Michael is also a long-time student of the mysteries of Andean shamanism and of working and healing with entheogens.

In his work, Michael stresses the importance of direct experience of astrological processes, for which he has developed a unique system, drawing on and integrating magical, theurgical, and shamanic practices. Michael is an international speaker and gives workshops and lectures worldwide, including magical retreats. He is the co-founder of the Israeli professional astrology magazine “Urania,” which also produces yearly conferences and workshops.

About the collaborators

Dan Attrell

Dr. Dan Attrell is a Canadian intellectual historian, classicist, translator and scholar of medieval and early modern Latin texts. In 2011, Dan received his BA Honours at the University of Guelph with a double major in History and Classical Studies, and in 2012, he completed his MA in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures at the University of Waterloo. In 2014, he did a post-baccalaureate in Classics at UCLA which focused on the translation of ancient Greek and Latin texts, and more recently, in 2022, he completed his PhD in Medieval and Early Modern History at the University of Waterloo, working on a number of Latin translation projects including Marsilio Ficino’s De Christiana Religione, William Fulke’s Ouranomachia, a handful medieval Hermetic texts such as the Asclepius, the Glosae super Trismegistum, and The Book of 24 Philosophers with commentaries.
TheModernHermeticist.com | YouTube Channel

David Weitzman

David Weitzman is a professional metalsmith, jeweler, and talisman creator from Israel. He is the owner of Ka-Gold jewelry, through which he has been creating unique magical jewelry since 1998 based on different mystical traditions. In his creations, David employs a vast knowledge from a variety of esoteric sources, such as Jewish Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Egyptian wisdom and Tibetan Buddhism. Since 2007, David and Michael have been collaborating in creating newly envisioned authentic astrological-Talismans, universal as well as personalized (based on the individual birth-chart).
His website now holds over one hundred unique designs of magically-created astrological Talismans.
Ka-Gold-Jewelry | Ka-Gold-Astrological Talismans

J.D Kelley

John-David (J.D) finds his way through portent and presence. He hails from the urban jungle of NYC, the springs of southern Alabama, and the rolling dunes of Florida’s gulf coast. He is a child of wyrd-ness and delightfully dances in the play of the living cosmos. He is a student of magical and mystical traditions both young and old and an enthusiastic practitioner of astrology. For the last ten years he has lived in England and Scotland, reconnecting with his ancestors of blood and practice as well as the tutelary spirits of these lands. He endeavors to weave the threads of practice and place between the old world and the new.  cunningasfolk.com | @cunningasfolk | Astromagia.org

~ Latest Course Recordings Available ~

The recording of the full 2023 CAM* course (elaborated version), along with all presentations and additional material, is now available for purchase. This is a great option for those eager to begin their studies and prefer to do so at their own pace. Completing the foundation course, whether live or recorded, is also a prerequisite for joining the advanced group and course, which is set to commence this year (more on that soon).
*The talisman made at the end of the course was for Mercury.

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$550 USD

An interview with Michael on The Modern Hermeticist Podcast

The Rulers of Life

Finding and Using the Masters of the Nativity

Online Full Day Workshop

Took place in June 26th, 2022 | 10 AM – 3 PM EDT

Video Recording Available!

Plus a PDF of the full presentation. Link will be sent after purchase.

$110 USD

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The Rulers of Life is an elaborate natal rulership scheme, which goes back to the oldest and most mysterious roots of the western astrological tradition, attributed to it mythic founders Nechepso and Petosoris.

This workshop will reveal an in-depth reconstruction of this profound ancient doctrine. We will learn the teaching on the different Life Rulers, namely the Epikratetor,
Oikodespotes, and Kurios, how to locate them in the chart, and gain a deep understanding of their roles and functions in one’s soul and life. We will also highlight the doctrine of the Guardian Daimon and how to work with it in the context of Theurgy and Astral Magic.

Finding the planetary rulers of one’s life, was a fundamental preliminary step before any in-depth analysis or prediction could be made. This ancient teaching is not only a technique for finding the most dominant planets, dispositors or almutens, but rather a method for revealing an intricate system of rulers. Each with their unique roles and cosmological hierarchy, shedding light on an ancient metaphysical model of the soul and its worldly embodiment.
Singling out and understanding these important rulers and their inter-relationships, gives a coherent model of the complex dynamics of one’s life as a whole, internally and externally. 
 finding these rulers is not an easy undertaking. Some ancient authors even say it is the most difficult of tasks, but also one of the most rewarding.
This doctrine is the source of later concepts like the “Hyleg”, “Alcocoden”, “Almutan Figuris”, the “Guardian Angel/Daimon” and the more modern reference for the ruler of the ascendant as the “Chart Ruler”.

Light & Image – Lecture Series

Starlight, Magic and Eros

An Online Lecture given in February 12th | 2022

Recording Available for Purchase – $20

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*This Lecture is Free for Foundation Course participants.

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